Stage 2, Day 15

The end of the third week.

IMG_1770Around the corner I spotted the new pavers for the front path.



Ceilings are starting to go up in the toilet and utility.

IMG_1781It’s all taking shape.



The new window was installed in the servant’s bedroom/future guest room. Here is the window making its arrival.


The old window. It’s always sad to say goodbye to an origninal window but it was rotten, thinly glazed and could not be opened. The servant’s room also had cheaper materials than the rest of the house. This is a traditional sash window, whereas the windows in the family’s part of the house were the more fashionable Edwardian casements. We managed to save the architrave though.




IMG_1758Our neighbour maintains a nice lawn.



IMG_1775Very nice. It’s not fashionable to like UPVC windows but these are very solid and practical. If the house were a few streets over we would be in a conservation area and all of the old windows would have had to remain. The house has thirty-six windows, so I can live with a few UPVC ones, plus the double glazing will help keep the place warm. This was an especially cold room as it has three external walls.

IMG_1778Both sections open, the lower part being very handy for evacuation if ever it were necessary. We should probably review our fire drill.


Outside before.

IMG_1769 (1)

Outside after. You can see that I had the new window made to the same proportions as the old one.


Old window on the way out.


Tiles for the utility room were delivered.


Tiles for the hearth in the dining room were delivered. Lights were delivered but I haven’t taken a photo.

IMG_1761Oliver being as brave as he could considering all of today’s disruptions.




3 thoughts on “Stage 2, Day 15

  1. when purchasing a bed always check cat-height access. clever unreachable Oliver.
    It’s all wonderful.
    “rotten, thinly glazed and could not be opened.” – I now have one of those and the dilemma of replacing [cost] or not. wish I could find a double-glazed polyvin frame way out in The Western District. shall now guugle search thanks for tip.
    Onward and upward dear Scott.

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