Stage 2, Day 17

IMG_1818Today plasterboard continued to go up in the utility room and toilet and they’re looking like proper rooms now.

IMG_1820The space is completely lined. For some reason the location of the wall light has moved way off centre on that wall. It will need to be fixed before it’s skimmed. In this country plasterboard gets skimmed with another layer of plaster – in Australia plasterboard is just filled and painted.

IMG_1825The storage place above the door will be handy.

IMG_1823Not sure what this patching is. It looks a bit like skimming plaster but the plasterers haven’t started yet.

IMG_1831I am continuing to clear out the guest room – I have had to move my decorating centre into the hall.

IMG_1832I also put a few paint tester blocks on the wall for the hallways (not that they’re a decorating priority at the moment). That bright blue is out of the running (Farrow and Ball’s St Giles Blue). The other colours are Cornforth White, Elephant’s Breath, Lamp Room Grey, Oval Room Blue and Purbeck Stone. Considering carpet colours too. Oliver and Ruby most closely match the darkest grey but I might go for one of the lighter ones – having carpets a similar colour to the cat fur means it won’t show up so much, especially during shedding season. Three cats all with double coats means a lot of fur on the carpet; every time I vacuum I could just about knit a new cat with the fur in the Dyson.

IMG_1836Rosie protesting my handling of her beloved carpet samples. I think her choice is a bit too light so it may be that mid-grey.



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