Stage 2, Day 18

IMG_1897Today the plasterer began in the extension. Utility walls skimmed.


IMG_1903The toilet is completely plastered now.

IMG_1899And everything except the ceiling is done in the utility. The wire for the wall light was moved to the correct place.

IMG_1905It’s very neat plastering work. Just look at the plaster around this switch – like wet sand.

IMG_1906Compare that to the previous plastering in the kitchen. Admittedly that is also something to do with my inexpert decorating. Must do some touch-ups.

IMG_1888The plasterer also started to repair the area in the lounge where the damp was treated.

IMG_1837Ruby was feeling indignant about being shut out of her own kitchen.

IMG_1853She decided to play up by dancing on the banisters.

IMG_1857She acts so casually when she does it too.

IMG_1858It gives us a heart attack every time.

IMG_1859It’s a long way down. We’ve learnt to just turn and walk away as our protestations only encourage her.


Work began on the top floor bathroom.


It’s actually a decent sized bathroom with the washing machine taken out.

IMG_1844Old toilet and shower. These were the most modern fittings in the house when we first moved in and this was our only bathroom during the build. The top floor had been modernised about seven years ago when the previous owner needed a live-in carer. The toilet flush broke when we first moved in so you had to activate the flush mechanism using a pen. All the drains blocked on that first weekend too.

IMG_1840The window was replaced in the last stage of the renovation – there were three weeks last summer when the window openings on the top floor were boarded up and we had no light or ventilation.

IMG_1863Shower and toilet gone.

IMG_1866Basin and tiles gone. I am keeping the shelf and mirror as they were my very first bit of DIY in the house. Plus if they were taken down it would expose all the failed drill holes I made into the bricks…

IMG_1895Shower tiles gone.


Floor coming up.

IMG_1890The washing machine and dryer were moved to the ground floor, their third temporary location in the house.

IMG_1566 - 2014-04-18 at 10-04-34When we first moved in the washing machine taps were on the servant stairs back landing.

IMG_1562 - 2014-04-18 at 10-04-08The dryer was located in the servant bedroom (future guest room).

IMG_1225 - 2015-04-27 at 11-12-32When Stage One began in April 2014 they were both moved to the top floor whilst we lived in the little makeshift flat.


Now they reside in the utility space under the stairs on the ground floor that was created in the last build. This used to be the little passageway leading to the back part of the house (we knocked through into the kitchen last time). There also used to be a tradesman’s entrance behind where the washer and dryer are now stacked. We never moved them down here as we were still waiting to restore the terrazzo floor and decorate. The washing machine and dryer have now been on every floor in the house.

IMG_1889Soon this area will be superseded by the new utility room conversion in the coal store so they will move for a fourth time. This space will be turned into my walk-in “Nigella” pantry as it is adjacent to the kitchen.


Nigella’s pantry.

butlerspantryBecause the washing machine has been plumbed in, there is hot and cold water and a waste drain in here, so the pantry could potentially have a sink, turning it more into a butler’s pantry like this. Could be handy as it’s opposite the dining room.



Or perhaps a cocktail bar set-up like this one?

IMG_1881Top floor bathroom in the skip. A couple of times a day vans drive past and check the skip for scrap metal. This guy used an axe to break up the sink from the bathroom to take the tap. I guess it’s a form of recycling.

r611crpAppropriate number plate  – “all crap” taken? I know this makes it look like I spend my day peering out of the window watching everything that goes on but I was just opening the bedroom window when it happened. Honestly.

IMG_1907Am I mad to clean the kitchen and breakfast room and mop the floor at the end of each day? Some would say so but I’m just trying to localise the effects of the work. Having said that, I actually cleaned that toilet today before it was ripped out, so maybe I am a bit obsessive.



One thought on “Stage 2, Day 18

  1. not ‘obsessive at all’, what better time to clean the pan when drivebys are examining every thing in the skip. good to have the load reduced by scavenger though. room for more.
    Comiseration on your first horror weekend. Am enduring the same myself with new house: April plumber1 asked to check and repair all spoutings and downpipes. June plumber2 says none of the massive winter rain has gone into tank due to hole in downpipe not visible from the ground by owner. etc. sigh.
    That stairwell looks like an absolute Big Dipper funfair for chase-y cats.

    In other news: just yesterday after your DM link, the March issue Lady arrived with Anmer job adv. shreik.

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