Stage 2, Day 20

The end of week four.


Oliver’s official name is Sentabali Top Drawer, but he seems to prefer the easy access to the bottom drawer here. He and his sisters spent the morning in the bedroom again while top floor work was carried out.

IMG_1953The creepy/spooky cupboard continued its makeover.

IMG_1959Plaster bonding coat.

IMG_1969Skimmed. No sign that there was ever a header tank in this room.


This is where, last year, I found the newspaper sheets from 1928.

IMG_1971The cupboard ceiling and wall were skimmed too. Not spooky anymore.

IMG_1977The plasterer even did patching he wasn’t asked to do! Here, just outside the door where the old pipes used to run into the roof header tank.

IMG_1850This wall in the cupboard was just going to be decorated over. You can see the old wallpaper and the original gas pipe for the lighting.

IMG_1970All gone!

IMG_1851Some more old wallpaper from this room. Pre-1928.

IMG_1976The ply was laid in the top floor bathroom.

IMG_1972Wiring for the shower. I have never quite understood why it is illegal in Britain to have electric switches and sockets in a bathroom but they’ll let you stand naked in a metal framed cubicle with water running all over you that is heated in an electrified box three inches from your body. For a country terrified of electrocution they seem to be taking some pretty big risks.

IMG_1975Skim coat to patch the other wall. The shower I bought that was too small is now on eBay. So far I have one bid.


The cats got their first view of the extension this afternoon. Oliver was the first downstairs; he was too busy sniffing the tools to notice the doorway was open.


IMG_1984And first over the threshold. The moment after this picture he leapt into the air when the plywood creaked under his weight.

IMG_1989Ruby was next.

IMG_1996Up on the window sill within moments.


And finally Rose. As you can see the ply has  been cut for the utility and toilet. A few more screws to be fitted tomorrow and then it will be ready for the tiler first thing Monday morning.


Do you remember me telling you about the men in vans who drive by the skip and scavenge metal? Today I found out from JB what they are called in the trade: skip rats.




7 thoughts on “Stage 2, Day 20

  1. this SkipRat has had some amazing finds. It’s Austerity, it’s Recycling, it’s ecological.
    Love the cats, such fun. That power point law explains a lot about British Domestic Hygiene.
    When I saw ‘Clifford Sabey Estates, Wembley” ad in that old newspaper, I went off searching and ended up lost for ages in The London Gazette. That was very informative on much more than Cliffy – thank you.

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