The Weekend

IMG_2017The plaster in the utility is drying nicely.IMG_2014Rose is really into following light patterns on walls at the moment. On Saturday the ply was screwed down, as you can see, ready for Monday’s tiling.

IMG_2018I turned my attention to the servant’s quarters as this needs to be a functioning guest room by the end of this month.

IMG_2027I cleared all the junk out ready for the decorators. The problem is that at the moment all of our storage spaces have to be empty – the creepy top floor cupboard, the top floor front bedroom, under the stairs etc. so there are great mountains of stuff piled up in all of the ‘finished’ rooms – the dining room, lounge, breakfast room, my study, hallways and other bedrooms. I went up and down the stairs a great deal, trying to at least get things on the actual floor where they will eventually be stored.

IMG_2035The guest bedroom window is about to get boxed in, given a new sill, and the original architrave will be refitted.


Looking out onto the back stairs landing and through to the main part of the house.

IMG_2031The first fireplace I revealed in the house.

IMG_2044I then did some tidying up in the top front bedroom, the one with our Ed Miliband kitchen (the second/spare kitchen where you hold the press call to appear more modest). I carried a lot of junk out of this room too as the floorboards need to be repaired. I also hauled the old carpet down three floors to the skip. This room will be Mark’s study and he will be able to make tea and coffee without having to go all the way down to the kitchen. This is where we lived for the first year in this house – this room was our kitchen, dining room, lounge, my study and the cats’ room.

IMG_2042Having spent most of the day carting things around the house, I thought I’d treat myself to investgating something I have had my eye on since we moved in. That fireplace.


I cut around the edges of the panel and pulled it away.

IMG_2045This is what I found.

IMG_2046The original fittings thankfully left in the fireplace, as well as some scrunched up newspaper. I love this part.

IMG_2057The fireplace was blocked up over fifty years ago just before the winter of 1964/5. That means the Fraser family lived here at the time.

IMG_2050This picture makes it all look very neat and clean but I can assure you that there was a whole lot of mess before this. That black plastic bag is full of soot, debris, masonry and one mummified bird. I held a little memorial service for him at the skip, poor thing.

IMG_2120All cleared out.

IMG_2131Looking up the chimney –  I will insert a chimney ballon to stop the draughts.

IMG_2137The fireplace is exquisite.

IMG_2123And complete. The fire bars.

IMG_2124Ash pan cover.



IMG_2133Reassambled. I am so glad the fittings were left inside as they could have just as easily been thrown away, which is what usually happened.


IMG_2135It transforms the room.

IMG_2055Now for a good look through the papers. I loved this Martian-inspired advert for Nystop stockings.

IMG_2085Someone had also tossed a note with directions into the fire grate. Trying to work out who they were and where they were going. At the bottom of the map it says Friends House – so it may have belonged to a member of the Rutherford family, who were Quakers.

IMG_2065There was also a 1964 TV magazine called TVWorld. Shirley Bassey sings Goldfinger at 5:50. These images are full size so you can click on them to have a closer look.

IMG_2077For you, iODyne.

IMG_2078A double page spread.

IMG_2071It was a very gay time in the 60s. Takes me back to my Newnes Home Management days.



IMG_2082The 60s – gaiety and musclemen galore. Anthony “Muscles” Holland and his “twitching to music” act.

IMG_2101The decade of sci-fi schlock.

IMG_2116And the TVWorld Dance Along programme.

IMG_2117What would your first choice be? I’d probably go with Cilla. Or the Gay Gordons.


7 thoughts on “The Weekend

  1. Where to start, Your house is quite large, yes.The fireplace opening was great and what a treasure trove it came to be, with original equipment and interesting papers. I’ve not heard of chimney balloons, but it is not hard to work out what they do. It must be interesting for Mark to come home from work and wonder on which floor he might be dining.

  2. what a lovely reward for all the hard dirty work of bringing the fireplace back to Happy. and a thrill to see a contemporary review of RSG which was a huge influence even in AUS back then. Yes we copied all the news from RAVE magazine and just as the article says, spent Saturday afternoon making lace curtain dresses for that night at the dance, and the week after it was The Granny Look.
    So glad to see DollyRockers described as everybody on Pintrst thinks the 60’s were all Mod Mod Mod.
    If chimney balloons had been invented then, we wouldn’t have seen the great old newspaper. Thunderbirds, The Saint, fab gear. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I understand the reason people would close up a fireplace, but it always bothers me when I see on closed up. What a reveal once you removed that cover! Also enjoyed the surprises found stuffed up inside.

    My home used to have five fireplaces. Only two exist now and they had insulation stuffed up them, but thankfully not closed up. They other three were completely closed up as in the mantles removed and the openings plastered over. Very sad.

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