Stage 2, Day 21


The start of week five. The first job is to get the cats out of bed and into the other part of the house. The breakfast room is their room really. That’s Oliver yawning at the top of the cat tree. Ruby is below and Rosie has taken to the crate lately.


The tiler was here and he laid the floor tiles in the top floor bathroom. They’re great looking tiles but they don’t go with that current wall colour so I will have to think about what to do – perhaps just white walls.


Most of the wall tiles were fixed too.


He has stopped at the bottom as he needs the shower tray fitted to finish off here.

IMG_2174The new shower has arrived: much larger.


Carpentry work also began today. The guest room window got a new sill.

IMG_2163Frame and architrave fitted.


The creepy top floor cupboard, hereafter known as the ‘top floor cupboard’ (or perhaps ‘walk-in linen press’?) had its door reversed. The door used to open inwards and the top corner dug a big hole in the sloping ceiling. It was also difficult to negotiate your way around the open door to get to the left hand side of the cupboard.


There’s much more room in there because of this change too, though you could potentially push someone down the stairs if you flung the door open quickly.


The cupboard also got some skirting boards.

IMG_2165Very nice. It just needs decorating now.


Downstairs the skirtings were refitted where we had the damp treated.


Work was done preparing some of the old doors that are going into new spaces. Here the old pantry and kitchen doors were prepared for their new lives as the utilty and the toilet door. The pantry door will only have moved about a metre from its original location, though for all of last year it was on the top floor as the ‘front door’ to our flat.


The old understairs door has been split in two to make a pair of doors to go in its original opening. This will mean I can fit shelves into the future walk-in pantry and divide off the space under the stairs where the gas and electricity meters are.

IMG_2179Ruby, Queen of the Stairs.

IMG_2064From the find on the weekend, full size images again so you can click and read.

IMG_2110Reminds me of the scene from Fawlty Towers when there’s sugar in the salt cellar: “I’ve put it all over the plaice”/”All over the place? What have gone and done that for?”

IMG_2079Copper AND aluminium – unlikely to be dishwasher safe.


And an article written by Roger Moore, TV’s The Saint.





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