Stage 2, Day 22

IMG_2198Today the tiler continued work. Grout on the bathroom floor tiles.

IMG_2199And walls. Still need the shower base fitted to complete this bit.

IMG_2186He also started laying the tiles in the utility room. I really like these black and white mosaics.

IMG_2189The utility cabinets and doors were delivered.

IMG_2187Enormous puppy bath. I mean Belfast sink.

IMG_2192A new mountain for Ruby to climb.

IMG_2197Iroko worktop.


4 thoughts on “Stage 2, Day 22

  1. Ruby is the Sir Edmund Hilary of felines. and of course they all 3 can read that ‘Keep Off’ notice on the very appropriately Edwardian B&W octagonal tiles. keep ’em coming.

  2. Ha, Ruby’s silhouette looks like one of those cat cut outs that you see in garden centres! The earlier pictures of them prancing round on the banisters terrified me, eek. Our cat has been known to chew electric cables… It’s a dangerous game!

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