Stage 2, Day 23

IMG_2202Late yesterday afternoon P the plumber came to fit the shower base, so technically that was Day 22 job. It’s a perfect size for the space we had.


This meant that J the tiler could finish off the tiling around the shower this morning. I sold the other, smaller shower on eBay and got a good price for it. It was collected this afternoon.


The tiler also finished laying the tiles in the utility. The boards are for the electricians to stand on tomorrow when they go in there.


It’s an excellent transition from the quarry tiles – perfect levels. This floor will be grouted tomorrow.





3 thoughts on “Stage 2, Day 23

    • Chester the Future Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is still a pipe dream at the moment. Our garden has holes in the fences, which we don’t want to close up as they would stop the hedgehogs from roaming, foraging and mating. We are also unsure of how the cats would take to a new addition. In many ways, British Shorthair cats are very dog-like. Companionable, eager to please, and intelligent.

  1. great planning, great result. ebay is a source of amazement, it really is. they bank Swiss too. Chester would rout those hedgehogs no doubt about it. CKC’s are feisty doggies, 2 of which hurled themselves at a paddock full of calves on the farm I just left today.

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