Stage 2, Day 26


IMG_2323Think pink!


Today T the decorator was here.


He painted the walls in the utilty and toilet. The colour is Farrow and Ball’s Calamine, a pale pink, though the camera doesn’t do it justice. It’s the colour of calamine lotion, and Oil of Olay.


He also began stripping the lining paper from the ceiling in the guest room.

IMG_2328He got this far and then stopped as the rest of the paper is stuck fast. There’s no point trying to remove it if it’s stable as it will only damage the plaster underneath. In fact, this seems to be one of the best preserved original ceilings in the house.

IMG_2331It’s actually a striped yellow and white wallpaper stuck wrong-side up. It’s funny because I came very close to ordering blinds for the breakfast room the exact same colour and pattern.

IMG_2319The stained glass panel I bought on eBay has been sandwiched between double glazing and turned into a window for the toilet. I’m not entirely sure how obscure the window is in terms of privacy but I can always part-obscure it on the inside with the same film I used in the bathroom and en suite.

A 6am start tomorrow as the carpenters are arriving for their first of three twelve hour days. We plan to be finished by the end of next week!





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