Stage 2, Day 28

IMG_2380The cats we so stressed today at being confined, as you can see. Oliver being upside down.

IMG_2372Ruby and Oliver reverting to kitten sibling behaviour and grooming each other. It didn’t even end up in a wrestle. Rose was snoozing.

IMG_2376T, the decorator, was working upstairs. Top floor cupboard.

IMG_2374Looking good. Those are shadows on the back wall, not drips.

IMG_2377Clean and bright.

IMG_2739 - 2013-06-11 at 17-21-27What it used to look like. Cobwebs, spiders, peeling wallpaper, a mouldy window, extinct woodworm, an ancient water tank, lead pipes, collapsing ceilings, draughty holes into the roof…the list goes on.

IMG_2379The bathroom walls have had three coats now. White. The woodwork will be next. Gloss white. I’m reserving judgement – I think have become so used to colour on walls in the rest of the house that this feels a bit bland. I shall wait and see.


The first house we built was entirely white, though perhaps white works better in a warmer, sunnier climate like Australia.




4 thoughts on “Stage 2, Day 28

  1. Ruby and Oliver are gorgeous.

    I love white walls, they are so bright. We have a lot of quilts that I have made hanging on walls, to me they look better on the white wall.

    What floor coverings are you using on the top floor?

    I’m not even sure if there is such a thing as gloss paint here in the US.

    • Thanks Helen, I think the cats know they’re gorgeous too! The white will be good when the room is complete, I think, though I am now imagining the walls in a chocolate brown… So is all woodwork in the US finished in a matt paint? As for floor coverings – the bathroom is tiled though the plastic is covering it in the photo. The cupboard and the landing will be carpeted. Eventually.

  2. So I asked my husband about gloss paint. He said that there is such a beast as gloss paint here but it is latex based. He hasn’t used any andI don’t remember seeing it used in any of my friend’s houses. It certainly doesn’t seem to be used on trim.

    When we lived in England pretty much all the trim in houses was painted with oil based gloss paint. Is it still the same?

    • We are using oil based gloss white and it is fairly common still over here. It’s very tough but I have heard that it can yellow over time, though I’m not sure if the modern paint still does this. There is a bit of a movement over here to the use of water based satin whites though they mark very easily.

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