Stage 2, Day 29

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 20.36.17Welcome, new reader. This probably isn’t the site you were looking for. IMG_2384Ruby and Oliver. Two peas in a pod. [Edit: I doubt this was the pair you were expecting…]IMG_2398Rosie. IMG_2389T, the decorator, continued work in the guest bedroom as well as the rooms upstairs. IMG_2388Freshly painted ceiling. The next week is going to be crucial as we push through to the completion of this stage of the renovation.


4 thoughts on “Stage 2, Day 29

  1. those gorgeous cat faces saying “what kind of mental tragedy is Out There entering those search terms? and also How can they be prevented from voting, breeding and driving?”
    My daily life, if blogged, would only be soggy ground, barrowing firewood to the back verandah and stray cows in the garden. no joy for the reader at all, whereas your kitties are so perfect I don’t know how you can stand the relentless pleasure. keep ’em coming.
    Renovations? If I ran a paint company I would differentiate my product by concentrating on the fragrance appeal for sensitive cat noses …

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