Stage 2, Day 30


When did we get to June 19? T, the decorator, continued painting the woodwork. Glossy white window sill in the guest bedroom.




Top floor cupboard skirting boards.


Guest bedroom. I’ll need to scrape a couple of drips off the tiles but finally there is no trace of the pre-1964 purple in this room.


P also dropped by to paste some lining paper on certain walls. Servant stairs landing.


D the carpenter, later joined by D2, began fitting the utility room units. They fit the space very well and I love how the colours are working together. It’s an Edwardian meets Beauty School Dropout kind of utility room with a hint of 80s Ruthless People and Back to the Future diner.

IMG_2417Lots of cupboard space.

IMG_2425Oliver was the first to inspect.

IMG_2431Inquisitive curled tail.

IMG_2460New sniffing zones.

IMG_2477Considering how high he can go.


Ruby doing the same. Rosie didn’t come in, she likes to hang back and see what her brother and sister get up to. As the youngest, and lowest in their hierarchy, she doesn’t possess the same sense of entitlement that they do. Don’t worry, she’ll take over the whole place in her own time and on her terms, as youngest siblings often do.


2 thoughts on “Stage 2, Day 30

  1. I love it when cats have their inquisitive tails on. Loving these progress reports, though glad I’m not having to live amongst it all.

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