Stage 2, Day 33

IMG_2646P and T the decorators were here. Getting closer with the guest room challenge. Wallpaper.

IMG_2649Unfortunately the pattern repeat was so large they ran out! I got on the internet to try to locate two more rolls with the same batch number to ensure colour and pattern consistency. They should be arriving soon and P will be able to finish by the end of the week.

IMG_2663P the plumber continued his work.

IMG_2683Shower in the top floor bathroom.

IMG_2684Those electrics are looking increasingly scary.

IMG_2682New sink unit and tap going in.

IMG_2658The electricians were here too. They fitted switches, sockets and lights. Light in the utility room.

IMG_2645Light in the toilet.

IMG_2665Externally, the planter pavers were cut and mortared in.

IMG_2669New fence post!

IMG_2672Progress by the end of the day.


One thought on “Stage 2, Day 33

  1. Particularly love the sink unit, and the dragonfly light is lovely. They are attracted by water, so bathroom is very apt placement. I have survived hanging plaid wallpaper myself, in a large kitchen. wallpapers and patterns are such a challenge.

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