Stage 2, Day 35

IMG_2814I spent the entire day sorting out “stuff”. New shed-like space under the stairs for tools (and WD-40) until I get a real shed.

IMG_2806I got everything out of the sitting room and dusted and vacuumed. We still need to restore the fireplace, do a bit of decorating following the damp proofing, and get carpet. And a bookcase.

IMG_2801D the carpenter was here and he secured the worktop in the utility room and fitted the up-stands (that vertical bit of wood is just keeping them in place while the glue dries. T the decorator also did a lot of the gloss woodwork in here too. Unfortunately decorators and carpenters are mortal enemies – it’s the issue of dust. In Stage 1 the decorators downed brushes and left when A the carpenter was in the front garden using the bench saw while the decorators were applying gloss black paint to the front door and woodwork. I did my best to coordinate them today but unfortunately a carpenter and a decorator ended up in the same room at exactly the same time. They managed to work through it though. I then moved a lot of things into the cupboards.

IMG_2817T also repainted the walls in the top floor bathroom to remove  the plumber’s hand prints.

IMG_2813And he applied what must be the fourth undercoat to these stairs. It’s all in the preparation. It’s practically glowing in there.

IMG_2803Gloss white in the toilet too.

IMG_2805P the decorator was also here. He had kindly collected the additional wallpaper I ordered and finished papering the guest room.

IMG_2818In a final push, A and D finished the front garden. Beds ready for planting. The two tonnes of gravel I helped haul from the truck  yesterday were laid.

IMG_2820Stepping stones to the gate.

IMG_2827It makes such a difference!


And peace was restored.

IMG_2837Rosie not sure what to make of the quiet.

IMG_2882Ruby inspecting the work.IMG_2825

Apart from a few odd jobs to complete, this was the end of Stage 2 for my builder. Thanks JB!

IMG_0230How the house looked two years ago in the sale brochure before we bought it.


6 thoughts on “Stage 2, Day 35

  1. Just magnificent. We knew all along it would be. The WD40 was the first thing I spotted [family company, secret formula. oh the money there must be].
    I love the utility room and the new stones are so perfect for the bricks colour.
    The battlement fence treatment noted and of course you know that being able to castellate the castle was an honour which was bestowed on Knights. Rose looks like she knows too. I am over-emotionally happy that you have finally ‘sailed into the calm and lovely lagoon after the stormy Restoration Sea’. x x

  2. must add the reason I cannot blog about the improvements underway Chez Anodyne is that it is impossible to create charm around securing a tiger snake under a plastic bucket when it falls out of some rotting wood in a shed being tidied. Poor thing was asleep for the winter and I am stonked at having to deal with it today. count your hedgehoggy blessings mate.

  3. I laughed at the WD40, my husband says WD40 is for things that don’t move but should, and duct tape is for things that move but shouldn’t.

    It’s amazing to see the differences before and after. The house looks much bigger from the front.

    Rosie really doesn’t look happy!

    The staircase looks much safer being so bright.

  4. Once again I have really enjoyed following your renovations. You really have done well included history too. Your builder seems very competent and how good to see things done properly, unlike they are usually done here.

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