IMG_3648On the weekend we moved the washer and dryer into the new utility room, which strangely seems to make the room look bigger rather than more cramped. I should have taken a proper shot without all the bits and pieces in the sink but I’ll get a better one of the room when the doors are painted and reattached.

IMG_3659That meant that today T the decorator could start on the now empty former-utility-space/future-walk-in-pantry. I need to do something about the obsolete washing machine inlet and outlet pipes, though it seems a shame to waste perfectly good plumbing that was only installed last year. I have been reading about plumbing ‘dead-legs’ too, which are not great, so it would be a good idea to keep using these pipes to prevent water standing in them for any length of time. Apparently that’s how Legionnaires’ disease can get started…


I was thinking about getting fitted units but this would mean I would lose a lot of potential storage shelf space.

10257I mainly want it to be like Nigella’s pantry after all.

butlerspantryBut then a sort of wet bar/butlers pantry set up would be useful too.

cateringhandwashsinkI then found these little catering sinks online so I am thinking about installing one of those. If the pantry is also used for making and serving drinks (the dining room is right across the hall) then a little sink would be perfect for rinsing the odd glass or washing a knife used to cut a lemon wedge. I’m just trying to think about whether it would look too much like a prison cell or public lavatory.

shoppingI could get a little wine fridge too and then still have lots of room for shelves.

IMG_3660T also started to patch and fill the coat room.


Meanwhile, D the floor guy was back to tackle Mark’s study. All D’s equipment on the landing. The green sander weighs 95 kilograms so he had a helper drop by in the morning to assist him with lugging it up the two flights of stairs to the top floor.



IMG_3677The lighter boards are the new ones and they will darken over time. Last year D did the dining room and my study. In a couple of weeks we want to do the floor in the other bedroom, so he will be back. Unfortunately we couldn’t get both rooms done at the same time as the second bedroom needs to be ‘decanted’ into this one first – and before we do that, this room needs to be decorated. One day we will see an end to the constant shuffling of our furniture from one room to another and everything will be in the right place!

4 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Sink bottles [and what a sink] cannot make that room look any less than perfectly lovely.
    the advantage of decanting is that the disturbance keeps rodents at bay (I am decanted into a house vacant the past 6 years and have to establish my territorial dominance. sigh. and tiger snakes too. )
    You could follow the standard business dictum of ‘use a disadvantage to your advantage’ and just go with the prison cell ambience for that room. Nigella’s ‘pantry’, though I love her, looks more like just her condiments stash, and is that a bag of chicken feed down on the floor?
    Good luck with the sanding dust. oh the kitties, won’t someone think of the kitties.

    • Thanks iODyne. Kitties are safe and dust free in the master bedroom suite during working hours – it was just a bit noisy yesterday as the room being sanded was directly above them. Oliver spent the day under the armchair. That pic of Nigella’s pantry isn’t my favourite one – the best one she had was in Nigellissima – like a double sided walk -in wardrobe with black shelves and cupboards, and a special case just for different types of licorice. Keep fighting the good fight against the tiger snakes.

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