More Progress

IMG_3695The floor in Mark’s study is drying nicely.



IMG_3690There are a couple of boards with ancient woodworm holes. D the floor guy said they were under the old wax so they have long since gone. He was actually surprised by the good condition of the boards generally.

IMG_3698Today T the decorator was working on the coat room/boot room.

IMG_2706How it used to the be with the 1950s toilet and the unmentionable carpet. I remember the day I ripped that carpet up, wearing gloves and a face mask, greeting the silverfish and earwigs as they scurried out. Oh how far we have come.

IMG_3699Originally it was an Edwardian telephone room, close to the telephone wires on the street and private for conversations.

IMG_3696Still a few more coats of paint to go. I am trying to decide whether I restore the old paint-covered hooks I removed from these rails or just buy new brass ones.


3 thoughts on “More Progress

  1. “oh how far we’ve come” yes indeed and [not having done the actual work] I have enjoyed every step, thanks for sharing. Easy to get the paint off the hooks – just put them in an small empty paint can and add some fairy liquid then boiling water and ignore. next day stir, empty and repeat if necessary. the paint will just soften off without chemical or elbow work. good luck.

  2. oh PS The 8th May Lady with Carey Mulligan cover is the latest to reach the antipodes [mid July] and has a feature on a frilly rosey house/garden I immediately spotted as Australian [they fail to say so]. Thanks to the net I know it is in Tilba Tilba NSW and was sold in 2011. The seller is building new with all the money from the book about the house. Retails $70 here. YOU could do that for Mostyn? featuring the hedgehog and your divine pics of the cats.

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