Progress Continues


Today A, the other floor guy, came with his assistant to complete stage one of the terrazzo restoration.

IMG_3710A before shot taken from the vestibule.

IMG_3719Looking from the kitchen.

IMG_3720Close-up. Terrazzo is basically made up of chips of marble or granite set into cement and then ground down and polished to reveal the stones. Our terrazzo is very dirty and dull.

IMG_3706The terrazzo continues into the coat room.

IMG_3709And also the future walk-in pantry. Each space is defined by a reddish-brown terrazzo border.



Stage one involved two deep cleans and a resurfacing with a diamond polisher. It all got very wet in the process.


How it looked by the end of the day after it had dried off a bit.


It has cleaned up beautifully and the colours are much brighter. On Friday they will be back to apply the sealant and to buff and polish the floor. We have to be careful not to get it dirty in the meantime.


IMG_3736Coat room.



Meanwhile T the decorator was working upstairs on Mark’s study.


Ceilings and walls filled and given a first coat.


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