Further Progress

T the decorator was here today working on Mark’s study.


The colour is Farrow and Ball’s London Stone.


Or, as Mark described it when it was used in my study downstairs, brown.


IMG_3754Just needs a second coat of gloss on the woodwork and this will be another room done!

IMG_3760In my response to iODyne’s comment the other day, I said that my favourite Nigella pantry was the one from Nigellissima, which just happened to be on Good Food as I was typing this post. Looking at it now, it’s not so much a pantry as a corridor, but I do like the black shelves and cabinets. In this shot she is reaching for the black case containing her licorice stash. I’d have one for chocolate.


3 thoughts on “Further Progress

  1. ‘London Stone’ and ‘brown’ from the palette I call Giorgio Armani’s many colours of mud. It is the same colour as those NYC brownstones of the Sesame Street neighbourhood.
    Love Nigella and her entire story. wonder how skinny Trinny is getting on with Saatchi she picked up while he still had Nigella’s scent on his suits.
    When I need chocolate I have great empathy for desperate junkies. wishing you a Bendicks-y day!

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