Progress Continued

IMG_3750Today A, the floor man, returned to seal the terrazzo. I’m really happy with the result.

IMG_3782T, the decorator, completed Mark’s study.

IMG_3784In the afternoon I refitted the light and roller blind, and removed the paper that was protecting the floor.

IMG_3785It just needs furniture now.

IMG_3791View from the window.

IMG_3805Meanwhile, I opened up the back of the house as Frogdancer arrives tomorrow. Oliver made himself comfortable on the guest bed.

IMG_3810Ruby attempted an escape. I must remind Frogdancer not to open any windows more than two inches.

IMG_3835Later all three congregated on the back stairs. This is all new territory for them as we have tended not to let them into this part of the house. Ruby, at the top, has taken possession, Oliver is unsure, and Rose is front and centre, as usual, for any photo opportunity.


6 thoughts on “Progress Continued

  1. oh happy katz on new playground and Oliver perfectly matched by those cages on the wallpaper is saying “hey, M N O birdz … wtf?”
    ‘removed the paper protecting the floor’ – apparently when large buildings are going up, a full 10% goes on top of the construction budget for repairing subsequent damage to the interior fitout by subsequent installers to what has already been installed. subsequently. no allowances for cat effects though. oh they are so gorgeous.
    I’m dragging a property together too. This [freezing] morning am bracing for a team of guys I recruited at the tip, to come with a big truck and haul away stacks of corro sheeting and 5 wardrobes in the shed filled with every copy of the 2 regional newspapers published by the deceased previous occupant. Publishers are required by law to retain a copy of everything. Meaning regulation since I am going to ruin the point of it today. 1980’s Charlton Times anyone?
    Wishing you perfect weather for your Tour Guiding …

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