Another room complete!


T the decorator finished the painting of bedroom five yesterday and today we removed the paper protecting the floor, rehung the blind and fitted the light shade. We are now in the process of moving stuff back into this room and there are some new pieces of furniture on order too.




The paint colour is Farrow and Ball ‘Elephant’s Breath’.




IMG_4777A couple of you asked about this little arch. It’s part of the structure of the chimney – this is the third floor and there are a total of six rooms that have flues running up behind this wall. I’m not sure if the arch aids in strengthening the chimney above or whether they just thought it would be wasted space if it were bricked in.


Painting Progress

IMG_4768P and T, the decorators, were both here at 7am.

IMG_4765They have made great strides in the top floor back bedroom.

IMG_4766This is the wall colour by Farrow and Ball called Elephant’s Breath, which basically started the trend for neutral greys in interiors.

IMG_4767It does have a warmth to it though, and even looks a little mauve in a certain light. T and P completed the walls and ceiling, and the woodwork was undercoated so that T can finish it tomorrow before we have a late summer break without any work going on in the house.

This week

IMG_4737A slow-ish week so far. I fitted the additional hooks in the coat room today.

20268008909_7469708394_zOn Monday this section of brickwork was repointed.

IMG_4748P, the decorator was here today doing some prep work on the top floor.

IMG_4738Yesterday the paint arrived for that room. It’s the total Farrow and Ball cliche, how I could I not do it?

IMG_4710And here’s a picture of Rosie in her crate. It’s an Aga crate and that’s a cashmere blanket, so she’s not really slumming it despite how it looks.


A bit of organising

IMG_4694I have been doing a bit of organising over the last day or so. This is the walk-in pantry as good as I can get it a) without buying expensive built-in shelves a la Nigella, and b) with the exception of the new sink that still needs to be fitted in the back right hand corner. It looks like a squeeze but that trolley with the steps on it is on wheels to allow access to the sink. To the left are the double doors into the understairs cupboard.

IMG_4695That has also bee re-populated with tools, WD40 etc. as well as cat litter and two giant barrels of cat food.

IMG_4696I have hung the hooks in the coat room.  iODyne’s suggestion of soaking the hooks overnight in water and Fairy liquid to get the old paint off worked a treat – no need at all for harsh paint strippers. I also then polished them up with some Brasso.

IMG_4697I added a couple to the back of the door too. There are extra hooks on order for the two rails on the facing wall.

IMG_4703Ruby having lap time.

I also organised the top floor cupboard but haven’t taken a picture yet – it will all have to come out again when the carpet is fitted but at least there is some order for now!

The week so far

IMG_4683D, the floor guy, was here yesterday and bedroom five has been transformed!

IMG_4681Once again he did a great job. His sander weighs 93 kilograms (200 pounds) and it’s that weight that gives the floors their very smooth finish.

IMG_4679This is the last of the floors to be sanded. Now T, the decorator, can move into this room.

IMG_4640T has also been here this week. This was the understairs cupboard before – it hasn’t been painted in 100 years.

IMG_4671I just wanted it cleaned up a bit, not perfect.

IMG_4670He also finished the walk-in pantry. The sink for the corner arrived yesterday and I just need P the plumber to come and fit it.

IMG_4673Coat room also completed.

IMG_4674I just need to fit the hooks.

IMG_4669The doors for the toilet and utility have been glossed and re-hung. A quiet few days ahead as T has to go and finish another job.

Weekend activities – and a final fireplace reveal

IMG_4601 Yesterday we turned our attention to Bedroom 5, on the top floor. We shifted (or decanted) all the furniture into Mark’s study. IMG_4600 The floor is going to be sanded and polished so we ripped up the very last of the old carpet in the house. IMG_4605Surpisingly the boards were in very good condition underneath. We briefly considered leaving them as they were but decided they would look much better with a re-sanding. There’s Oliver considering jumping on the window sill. IMG_4608I then spent an hour or so removing all the old carpet gripper strips around the edges of the room. IMG_4607I was doing all the boring jobs before my fun for the day – this fireplace. I knew what to expect so it was on with the gloves and face mask, several buckets and plastic bags to hand, a dustpan and brush, and the vacuum cleaner. IMG_4609It was a bit on an anti-climax really. I think this chimney has been sealed so there was only about a bucketful of masonry and dust. No dead birds, which was a releif. No screwed up newspapers or other historical artefacts though. IMG_4638I swept out the mess and, like several of the other fireplaces, the pieces of the fireplace were placed inside the cavity – the fire grate, the baffle and the hood. The only think missing was the ashpan but I have one from the matching fireplace in Mark’s study so I might be able to find one at a reclamation yard. IMG_4641How it looked by the end of the afternoon. D, the floor guy, will be here on Tuesday and then T, the decorator, can start on this room.

Glazing and Painting

Yesterday work continued after my jaunt with Frogdancer to Lincoln, Ely, Cambridge, Kenilworth and Stratford-upon-Avon.

IMG_4593T the decorator began coating the toilet and utility doors.

IMG_4585Did some “glossing up” in the the coat room.

IMG_4584Continued under the stairs in the walk-in pantry.

IMG_4574A leadlight specialist also came to repair all the cracked glass in the leadlight windows. Some ‘before’ shots.








He had dropped by the day before to remove this whole panel as it needed complete re-leading.






IMG_4591Now I just have to work out a way to clean these windows as many of them are so high up!