Weekend activities – and a final fireplace reveal

IMG_4601 Yesterday we turned our attention to Bedroom 5, on the top floor. We shifted (or decanted) all the furniture into Mark’s study. IMG_4600 The floor is going to be sanded and polished so we ripped up the very last of the old carpet in the house. IMG_4605Surpisingly the boards were in very good condition underneath. We briefly considered leaving them as they were but decided they would look much better with a re-sanding. There’s Oliver considering jumping on the window sill. IMG_4608I then spent an hour or so removing all the old carpet gripper strips around the edges of the room. IMG_4607I was doing all the boring jobs before my fun for the day – this fireplace. I knew what to expect so it was on with the gloves and face mask, several buckets and plastic bags to hand, a dustpan and brush, and the vacuum cleaner. IMG_4609It was a bit on an anti-climax really. I think this chimney has been sealed so there was only about a bucketful of masonry and dust. No dead birds, which was a releif. No screwed up newspapers or other historical artefacts though. IMG_4638I swept out the mess and, like several of the other fireplaces, the pieces of the fireplace were placed inside the cavity – the fire grate, the baffle and the hood. The only think missing was the ashpan but I have one from the matching fireplace in Mark’s study so I might be able to find one at a reclamation yard. IMG_4641How it looked by the end of the afternoon. D, the floor guy, will be here on Tuesday and then T, the decorator, can start on this room.


One thought on “Weekend activities – and a final fireplace reveal

  1. I just can’t believe the luck you have with those fireplace accessories! I hope you raise a glass to your thoughtful previous occupants. The floor looks great, I’ve just uncovered a part of ours covered in grey gloss, excellent. What is the arched cubby hole to the right of the fireplace? I’ve not seen anything like it. Em @ http://www.lansdownerevisited.com

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