The week so far

IMG_4683D, the floor guy, was here yesterday and bedroom five has been transformed!

IMG_4681Once again he did a great job. His sander weighs 93 kilograms (200 pounds) and it’s that weight that gives the floors their very smooth finish.

IMG_4679This is the last of the floors to be sanded. Now T, the decorator, can move into this room.

IMG_4640T has also been here this week. This was the understairs cupboard before – it hasn’t been painted in 100 years.

IMG_4671I just wanted it cleaned up a bit, not perfect.

IMG_4670He also finished the walk-in pantry. The sink for the corner arrived yesterday and I just need P the plumber to come and fit it.

IMG_4673Coat room also completed.

IMG_4674I just need to fit the hooks.

IMG_4669The doors for the toilet and utility have been glossed and re-hung. A quiet few days ahead as T has to go and finish another job.


4 thoughts on “The week so far

  1. In the upstairs cupboard, it looks like a gas meter and a electric circuit panel. Seems to be something else under the circuit panel. The paint work looks quite glossy. Is it just high gloss oil or eggshell/two pack? Yes, some personal interest here.

    • Andrew, the cupboard has just been done in regular white ceiling emulsion but the other woodwork is all oil based gloss – nothing like the smell of VOCs in the house to clear the sinuses! Under the circuit board is the new ‘Smart Meter’ which communicates directly with the power company so they no longer have to read the meters. It also connects to a gadget that tells us our gas and electricity usage.

  2. What happens with the baseboards in the terrazzo areas? They seem to meet the terrazzo surface rather raggedly. Do you plan to add a little “shoe” profile there to close up that gap?

    And another question that’s been nagging at me: Which of the wood floors were originally meant to be exposed? Where not, would the expectation just have been area rugs, or some other, fitted covering?


    • Hi Chris! We are hoping that when the skirting boards are fully decorated it will look a little less raggedy where it meets the floor – there is a big gap in the walk-in pantry but this is because we used reclaimed skirtings from elsewhere in the house, and that will be obscured by the shelving in the pantry. I think that once it’s all completed it won’t be as noticeable but you’re right, we could add a small strip of beading around the edges if necessary. As for the floors, all of the wooden floors had been stained a dark brown around the edges and this would have been on show. There would have been large rugs in each room and it was possible to see where they were as only the outside edges of the floors were stained, about two or three feet around the edges of the room. Fitted carpets became the norm in the mid 20th century and now the fashion has turned back to exposed boards.

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