Autumn Decorating Day 1

The decorators returned today. The first job was preparation: masking, filling and sanding. By the end of the day, P and T looked like survivors from Pompeii – completely covered in white dust. I don’t even want to think about how much lead they may have been coated in (I swept and vacuumed before I released the cats) – hopefully they just sanded more recent coats of paint. Not a lot of words for these pics, so just enjoy some view of the entrance hall, stairs, corridors and landings.


















3 thoughts on “Autumn Decorating Day 1

  1. Some of the patches on the blue paint look like clouds!

    You have quite a few different colours on the wall there, I wonder which one you will choose. Although blue is my favourite colour I think that one is a little too bright but my decorating skills are close to zero.

    Will you paint the stairs or carpet them?

    • There are two different colours that are going to be used for the walls Helen, although I won’t be using that bright blue – I just had to try it out! We will be carpeting the stairs and landings as we don’t like the echo produced at the moment. Our old house had painted stairs – they were easy to keep clean but felt very cold.

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