Autumn Decorating Day 3


P and T the decorators continued their work. The entrance hall and stairs have been whited-out. Rose inspecting.


The space feels so much bigger already. This will be painted in Farrow and Ball’s Calamine, which I have already used in the utility room and have seven and a half litres of it left over. It’s a subtle, bluish pink, not at all sugary or Barbie-like, and looks quite different according to the light. In the evenings with yellow incandescent light its takes on a completely different hue.IMG_6733

On the next two levels the first coat of the wall colour went on. It’s called Pigeon – a greenish/grey. P the painter originally referred to it rather unceremoniously as ‘khaki’, though I have swung him round and he now refers to it as The Funky Pigeon.IMG_6735

It looks nothing yet but I know how it will turn out.


The restored cast iron radiator by the front door also got an undercoat. This was stripped about 18 months ago but I never wanted it painted until all the other work around it was complete. The tin of Ardenbrite ‘Old Penny’ metallic paint is the most expensive paint I have ever bought – and that’s from someone who has a house full of Farrow and Ball.IMG_6747To help the drying process I turned the heating on for the first time this season. Rose was quick to reacquaint herself with her favourite radiator.


2 thoughts on “Autumn Decorating Day 3

  1. if the droll wit at Farrow&Ball who names the colours saw Miz Rose he would name a colour after her. Going away now to reaquaint self with my pale pink calamine lotion to see how ‘not Barbie it is.

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