Autumn Decorating Day 5 and 6

IMG_6786I guess reading these posts must be a little like watching paint dry. Heh. Heh.

IMG_6788Day 5 saw P and T continue the emulsion work as well as some woodwork undercoating and such like.

IMG_6787Radiator with second last coat.

IMG_6784Look at the sweep of the ceiling as you go up the stairs.

IMG_6782On Day 6, M also came along to assist P and T.


There was more undercoating of windows, doors and balusters.


Glossing-up also began.


IMG_6776Top floor.



P was also working on the front elevation again. The front door and the black woodwork had taken a beating in the second round of renovations and also the garden work so P wanted to bring it up to scratch again. Undercoat following patching and filling.


Ha also repainted this window for me as it had been discoloured by the grinding out of the mortar for the repointing.

IMG_6769The invitations I ordered for the blue plaque unveiling arrived. The Lord Mayor will be conducting the ceremony in November.


3 thoughts on “Autumn Decorating Day 5 and 6

  1. Great Scott, great work. yes ‘the sweep of the ceiling’ just lovely. Calamine is perfect tone for the light. Gosh the Mayor – shall there be watercress/cucumber triangles?

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