Autumn Decorating Days 7 and 8

IMG_6868The decorators P and T finished yesterday.


Entrance hall in Farrow and Ball’s Calamine – I hadn’t vacuumed all the dust off the floor at this stage. Ignore those wires too – they’re for the alarm system. The calamine pink walls give the terrazzo a real lift.

IMG_6887The panelling looks great too.

IMG_6888Cast iron radiator in Ardenbrite’s Old Penny Bronze.

IMG_6883Heading up the stairs.

IMG_6873On the first floor landing.

IMG_6889Looking down the hall, painted in Farrow and Ball’s Pigeon.

IMG_6892Looking back towards the landing.

IMG_6871Next flight of stairs.

IMG_6906Varnished Cuban mahogany handrails. An exotic hardwood now virtually extinct as the Victorians and Edwardians loved it so.

IMG_6874Look at that fine grain. We had a close call when I couldn’t get the Blackfriar’s Stain and Varnish that P wanted in time. We decided on a Dulux product instead which, as it went on, was the colour of beetroot and left awful brush strokes and was completely matt and opaque. You might as well have painted the wood purple.

IMG_6878Top floor landing. P had used the Dulux on this handrail and the next one heading down when I spotted it. The look on my face said everything – he halted the application and we set about with scourers scrubbing it off again. Luckily it was water based but this also meant that there was beetroot coloured water dripping all down the newly glossed white spindles on the balustrade.

IMG_6877We jumped in his van and sourced the Blackfriars product. The Cuban mahogany now looks magnificent.

IMG_6876Heading back down.

IMG_6899Exterior black gloss repainted. The lounge window and the render above were done again too.

IMG_6902This now means that every painted surface inside and outside the house has been decorated!


8 thoughts on “Autumn Decorating Days 7 and 8

  1. stupendous achievement to know that Dulux beetroot was a mistake and fix. I am just over-emotionally getting a ‘contact joy’ from the loveliness of it all. BRAVO BRAVO [throws bouquet onstage]

    Other renovators elsewhere on the planet, spent past 2 days shovelling a tiptruck of 4 tons of crushed rock to make a shed floor. nothing divine about the images, before or after. sadly.

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