Today in the lounge



Today P the decorator dropped by to do some prep work in the lounge following the fire installation. The holes in the walls were filled where the mantel had been repositioned. P was impressd at how little damage the fireplace fitters had done to the wall. As you can see, the servant bell push remained safe too.


P also patched the wall and skirting board where we had the damp proofing done.

IMG_7107I have bitten the bullet and P will be redecorating this entire room…which was only done 12 months ago.

IMG_7049I say entire room but it is only the colour of the main walls that is being changed. They will be painted the same colour as the section above the picture rail, which is Farrow and Ball’s ‘Matchstick’. I was just finding the dark tan colour, called Cat’s Paw, wasn’t working. This was partly because of the west facing aspect but mainly because I had based the entire colour scheme around a camel coloured leather sofa we had in Liverpool. No sooner was the room painted than we decided to replace the sofa with the two cream coloured Chesterfields we have now and gave the old sofa to charity.


I think lightening the walls will work better, especially as the carpet is likely to be a mid to dark beige, quite similar to the current wall colour, so it would all look too ‘samey’, particularly as the blinds have a similar background colour too.


I briefly toyed with the idea of red carpet but then, as you can see, Rosie brushed up against the sample with her white fur. I don’t even think my new Dyson Pet Hair vacuum cleaner attachment would cope with that.



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