Carpet Conundrum – With Audience Participation!

IMG_7129First, here is the lounge with the new wall colour.

IMG_7054Tile feature in the fireplace.

IMG_7135Roman blinds.

IMG_2838Sofas and cushions.

IMG_4874 - 2014-12-05 at 14-15-43Chair. Can you see where I’m going with this?

IMG_7110All that’s left is carpet. The lighter beige carpet above is a strong contender. It’s a Cormar carpet, 80/20 wool in a colour called Nutkin.

IMG_7109This is the other contender. It’s called Cardinal.

Let’s ignore the cat fur question – I have a new attachment for my vacuum cleaner which should deal with that. We all know what a beige carpet will look like – but what about red?

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 20.24.42

Here’s a sample of a tasteful, elegant room with red carpet.

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 20.24.10And a gorgeous Edwardian interior with red carpet.

100528dUnfortunately red carpet can go wrong too. This looks likes Liberace’s Vegas home.

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 20.38.15And a scene from an 80s episode of the The Bold and the Beautiful.

I’d be interested in your views – beige carpet with the red accents I already have, or the cardinal red carpet? Vote in this poll!







4 thoughts on “Carpet Conundrum – With Audience Participation!

  1. the red carpets looking bad have white walls aiding and abetting. and sad furnishings.
    The attachment for the vac is your key. Contact manufacturer, [I hope it is Miele like mine] print images of gorgeous kitties, and ask
    “Because it is such a big spend, and so inconvenient to rip up and replace if the vacuuming fails, we need assurance that your product up to this test if we choose the carpet we desire most” .
    Their response may be very funny interesting supportive inclusive. Nobody could resist your cats. If they were smart they would use R+O+R as the benchmark test for all their new vac-head developments.

  2. of course it should have been “your product IS up to this test ” [sigh].
    Pale carpet is less forgiving for non-cat incidents. A comment memorable for me was the duchess of Beaufort on redecorating [Burghley?] for the first time in 400 years “I just said to the decorator to make sure the carpet pattern would accommodate the variety of Labrador stains”

  3. I think the red will bring it all together better, as long as the room isn’t over-furnished. But I am not sure about that red. It looks a little bright, a little too red. Hard to tell without seeing a large piece.

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