Manic Monday

Reader, I ordered the beige carpet for the lounge!

Thanks for your votes and comments. Around 75% of you preferred the beige and I looked again at Rosie’s pure white fur and decided I wouldn’t risk it.

IMG_7164Today I spent some time working on the stairs. On every step there were dozens of staples and nails that had once secured carpet of various incarnations.

IMG_7158I spent a couple of hours removing them. Oliver helped.

IMG_7161By the end I had filled this jar. No wonder it was always so difficult to clean these stairs – can you imagine how many times the vacuum would snag on one of these each time?

IMG_7162The reason I removed them all now is because I wanted to get these stairs painted. It would only be a temporary measure, while we saved up for carpet, but I was keen to have this first flight of stairs looking neat and clean in time for the November reception we are holding for the unveiling of the blue heritage plaque. The rest of the stairs, halls and landings can wait but this is right by the front door.

IMG_7145I also saw to a loose board on one of the steps. Beneath these few steps is one of the last places in the house I have never seen inside.

IMG_7149No treasure unfortunately.

IMG_7155I screwed the board back in place, nice and sturdy.

IMG_7156I even countersunk the holes! If I had my wits about me I would have thrown a copy of today’s newspaper under there for someone in the future to find. Nevermind.


Do you remember the day I ripped up the carpet that was on these stairs? I found these little paw prints on the wood where a cat had once scampered up the stairs stepping in the wet paint.

IMG_7170I was on a roll so I grabbed the undercoat and gave the stairs their first coat. I figured I could safely do this as it didn’t need to be an expert paint job – it was going to be covered in carpet within a few months anyway. Tempting fate I painted the stairs while the cats were snoozing in various places around the house – no new cat paw prints were made though!

IMG_7169Just after one coat of undercoat. I actually quite like the painted look.

IMG_7174I’ll see how it looks when complete but it really brightens up the stairs, just like it did on the servant staircase. Maybe this flight doesn’t need carpet at all.

News flash – while I was writing this post the carpet store called me to say they can’t get the beige from their suppliers for at least a month…and would I like to wait or choose a different colour for the lounge…

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