The week continues

IMG_7189On Tuesday I filled all the gaps and nail holes in the stairs.

IMG_7190And on Wednesday I gave them a second undercoat.

IMG_7193Looking good.

IMG_7205I also decided to see how the lounge would look if I applied some obscure film to the bottom of the windows.

IMG_7208This window is quite close to the footpath and because we have Roman blinds people can see straight inside when they are open. I don’t really mind that but now that the new fireplace is installed, and it will be getting dark earlier, I thought there are bound to be times when I nod off in front of the fire and I won’t want to be on display to the entire street. The obscure film is just high enough that it reaches the eye level of pedestrians, which is precisely the same eye level of a person seated on the sofa.

IMG_7214Standing up you still have a nice view outside so it doesn’t feel like I have blocked the entire window. It also helps that the film doesn’t go right to the edge of the glass – it looks more like an etched glass feature.

IMG_7217Someone wasn’t happy though, and I felt a bit guilty for depriving Ruby of one of her great pleasures: observing the street and passers-by, in particular the neighbour’s cat Albus.


I thought about it overnight and came up with this compromise.

IMG_7227A little spy hole for Ruby at both ends of the window.

IMG_7233After I did that this morning I gave the stairs their top coat.

IMG_7234I am quite impressed with how they have turned out.



IMG_7272I might even leave them like this permanently, or if I decide I still want carpet I will be able to have it fitted as a runner down the centre of the stairs.

IMG_7278The paint was taking ages to dry – the tin said two hours but  seven hours later it was still tacky in places so I couldn’t risk the cats running up and down on it.

IMG_7275The tin foil barrier seems to working so far. They have to use the maid’s stairs at the back of the house.

IMG_7267The stairs being painted also means that the entrance hall is now complete!

IMG_7270You can really appreciate the architecture now.

IMG_7264I will have to do some before and after shots so you can compare side by side.

IMG_7262Desk in the hall. It’s a good place to leave the mail and is also handy for writing cheques and such.

IMG_7273In other news, I went to the hardware store and bought a leaf rake. I am now prepared for this giant tree – a native lime – you can see the leaves are just starting to turn.


16 thoughts on “The week continues

  1. I totally adore the pussy periscope apertures!! You are THE best ever! I know I’ve said it before but your taste is exquisite. I was looking at this latest post and reflecting on all the homes you’ve made – flats houses cubby quarters etc – and how you managed style and elegance and quirkiness even when you were restricted financially. Well the budget’s clearly grown and the scope it’s given you has simply enriched your palette. You have done this gorgeous old architecture total justice and then some and still created a true home that accommodates dozing off in front of the fire mouth open and drooling!! Superb job Scottness xxxxxxx

  2. OF course you nod off, exhausted from the work. The cat view compromise is clever and the obscuring is no detriment at all. I can hear Edna exclaiming “sandblasted windows possums!”
    Laughed when I got to “cats relegated to Servant’s Staircase”.

  3. 1950’s Melbourne, triple-fronted cream brick veneer dream home: the best ones had a pair of glass doors with an etched aka sandblasted design, often of stylised deer or a sailing ship. The peak of desirability of the era. Edna Everage used to delight in them before she became a dame and superstar.

    • Perfect. Where we used to live in Murrumbeena there was an entire street of untouched cream brick veneers around the corner from us – you can do a street view of Ricourt Avenue – I bet there’s some sandblasted windows there!

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