Coal Store Conversion Before and After

Coal Store 1

It’s a little late but I don’t think I ever did a final Before/After set for the coal store conversion to the utility room and toilet.

Coal store 2

The toilet was built in the sheltered porch just outside the original coal store facing the servant courtyard, which has become a garden.

IMG_7246The high level cistern toilet actually backs onto the original doorway for the servant toilet, which was converted into part of the breakfast room in the first stage of the renovation.

IMG_4826That’s what the original toilet looked like. That was part of the reason for my choice of a traditional looking high level cistern toilet in the new space.

Coal Store 3

The utility room was converted from the old coal store.

Caol store 4Velux window for light.

Coal store 5

And a handy storage space.



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