Lounge Before and After

IMG_5736On Monday the (beige) carpet was fitted and I have spent the last couple of days setting up the room.

IMG_5774I think we did the right thing not going for the red carpet as there are enough red accents already. Not to mention the cat fur issue.

IMG_5738So, what have we done in this room? Early on I ripped out the old plywood bookshelves and stripped the eighty year old wallpaper (remember L Johnson’s signature and the date June 11th 1935 written on the wall?). The ceiling was replaced, new wiring and radiator installed, new gas inset and slate hearth for the fireplace (reusing the original timber mantel), plaster repairs to the external-facing wall to repair old penetrating damp from the broken downpipe, damp proofing of the corner to the right of the window, and the room was redecorated (twice!).

IMG_5744The room currently has that wonderful ‘new carpet smell’.

IMG_5750Miss Rose insisted on being in the centre of every shot. Speaking of Rose, we also added the ceiling rose you can see above her.

IMG_5754Our resident diva Rose loves the camera. Ruby, in the meantime is ignoring me completely.

IMG_5755I got the mirror above the mantelpiece the other day from a new antique shop that has opened around the corner. Also that pair of Delft vases. Mark is worried as the owner of the shop now has a list of my needs for the house.


Ready for her close-up.

Lounge2And now a selection of Before/After shots for you. Some of them are repeats from above but they remind you of how it used to look.




This room is now done!


12 thoughts on “Lounge Before and After

  1. Some self congratulations are due. While I was a little pro red carpet, I think you made the right decision and the room looks wonderful. You could clearly see the bones of the house were good.

  2. Before! After! Cats! all divine. what a busy day you had. .
    Same busy but less gorgeous today Chez ODyne with 33-degree heat and the doors man coming to do sills and jambs so all wide open to the vile air. sigh.
    I love how your new mirror echoes the curve of the bookcase top. Good find.
    Fragrance of new carpet ? I hope Rose is smooching all over it. Bravo

  3. That glass thingy on the table, how gorgeous! πŸ™‚

    Of course the cats are gorgeous too, and I must mention that before they plot to fly to Australia and dead me.. πŸ™‚

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