Secondary Glazing

IMG_7881Yesterday the six huge windows on the stairs were fitted with secondary glazing. The three on the first flight of stairs.


And the second.


Secondary glazing improves the thermal insulation performance of your original windows whilst not detracting from their appearance. This is useful in period homes where you don’t want to replace perfectly good and extremely characterful windows with brand new double-glazing.

Secondary glazing is also an excellent sound proofer. Noise from outside, particularly traffic noise has been greatly reduced. Apparently the bigger the gap between the two panes of glass the greater the noise reduction, so these are actually better at noise insulation than double-glazing.

There were old secondary glazing panels here when we moved in but they were poorly fitted, had large timber frames and the glass was not the required safety-glass.


I chose aluminium framed secondary glazing with hinges and clips. This will allow access for cleaning and also possibly future repairs to the fragile Edwardian leadlight glass.

IMG_7879They also have a seal to prevent any draughts.

As soon as they were fitted we noticed how much warmer the house felt on the stairs and landings and even the rooms off the halls. I have turned the heating thermostat down a little and it’s still toasty warm. We will be very glad of this during January.


5 thoughts on “Secondary Glazing

  1. The windows looks great, much better than UPVC double glazing which would have looked wrong in a period property. So glad you kept the original windows!

  2. Hi, I love your windows & the secondary glazing looks great. I’ve recently moved into an Edwardian house with originals windows & really don’t want to replace them so have been looking into secondary glazing… I’m now convinced it’s the right option thanks 😊 could you possibly tell me what company you used ? Many thanks Keren

    • Hi Keren, I used a local window guy that also supplied and fitted some of the new Upvc double glazed windows in the earlier renovation. If you are local I can give you his number but I think most good double glazing companies will also source secondary glazing.

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