January in the Edwardian House


Happy new year! We had a little snow earlier this month. It started coming down one evening and we thought it would probably melt by morning.

IMG_8680It stayed for a day or so though. Not much snow admittedly but this is the most we’ve had in the two years we have been in Leicester. There was even enough for children to make snowballs. Luckily it melted before it had a chance to turn into ice on the footpaths.


We also got a new car for Christmas!

IMG_8694The bird feeder in the back garden is proving popular, particularly with the family of robins that live in the holly tree. They seem to regard it as their personal pantry and chase the other little birds away. This photo is a few weeks old – the robins now look more like tennis balls with beaks, so we think we are fueling a robin obesity crisis.

IMG_8711Ruby would love to catch one of the pigeons, which are also getting quite fat.

IMG_8746Speaking of husky animals. Oliver getting comfortable on the clean towels I had just put down for a few minutes.

IMG_8870I was looking through my January photos and realised that I hadn’t taken a picture of Rose all month! I headed upstairs immediately to rectify the situation.

IMG_8864She began to pose, as usual.

IMG_8869Time for a chin scratch.

The house priorities this year are carpet on the stairs and landings, finishing off the security systems, and  taming the back garden.

More to follow!