An Alarming Development

IMG_9013A reassuring red light sentinel flashes on the new external siren box. The ‘first fix’ wiring was done for the alarm sytem about two years ago but it has taken us this long to get around to having the system actually fitted. The company has been so patient with us, giving us a courtesy call every six months or so. It’s one of those jobs that has to be done when everything else is complete – in particular all the decorating. For a look at what was happening back then look here.

IMG_9009Alarm system brains and communication centre.


Downstairs keypad.

IMG_9008Upstairs keypad.

IMG_9007Internal siren.

IMG_9003Passive infra red movement detectors (pet friendly).

IMG_9006Door contacts.

IMG_9005Shock and vibration detectors on windows and doors. It might all seem a bit much but we were burgled once in our old house so we are keen for it not to happen again.

Another job complete!



2 thoughts on “An Alarming Development

  1. being burgled is a hideous experience, not all about the loss of ‘stuff’. Good to feel protected. But never mind all that, just look at the CASTELLATED paling fence visible through the window in one image. How nifty. The King granted to loyal knights the right to have battlements on their castles. That link [for your amusement] is to someone living high and wide on the Thames at Quarry Wood .

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