Spring in the Edwardian House

IMG_9732This is the first Spring for the front garden since it was completed. For early colour I recently planted some primroses and pansies.

IMG_9727Also emerging are some of Paddy Fraser’s old bulbs that must have still been in the soil.

IMG_9733Paddy’s daffodils among the primroses. In fact, I also transplanted the fuchsia primrose in the centre of the picture from the back garden, so that was Paddy’s as well.

IMG_9728The Japanese Maple is coming back to life, as are the hydrangeas.

IMG_9719The lavenders are looking healthy and strong and will really take off this year.

IMG_9718Not being an avid gardener, this front garden is a manageable size for me.

IMG_0230How the front garden looked before we began the renovation.

IMG_9702Not so manageable is the generally untouched back garden, or ‘hedgehog sanctuary’, as we like to call it. Last week I rearranged the old pavers to form temporary stepping stones to the bird bath and bird feeder in one direction, and the compost bin in the other. The grass is a soggy, muddy, mossy mess and will have to go one day when the garden reaches the top of our budgetary priorities. I envisage a large area of paving for a BBQ and outdoor seating surrounded by lush garden beds. The back garden is far too shady for a healthy lawn to grow.

IMG_9706Last weekend I also dug out the path at the side of the house again, as it was covered in fir needles and there were bluebells sprouting through the cracks. Down by the dining room’s French doors the camellia is looking very healthy and has a profusion of buds. The fuchsias are starting to leaf and that shrub on the right is starting to flower (not sure what it is).

IMG_9714In the spirit of tackling the garden in small, manageable bits, today I planted the fern garden on the other side of the house. You may remember that this was created in Stage 2 of the renovation. Originally a servant’s courtyard, this space was paved and gave access to the Edwardian coal store and servant’s toilet, which now form part of the breakfast room, utility room and downstairs toilet. Before and after pics here.

IMG_9696Among the plants in the fern garden I planted this, a Dicksonia Antarctica. It’s a tree fern from Australia.

IMG_9695It has been imported from Victoria and when I opened the box it smelt exactly like the Dandenong Ranges National Park.



Here are some tree ferns growing in the last fern garden we planted – 11 years ago in our old house back in Australia. Goodness the sun was bright back there.

IMG_9715This is a much smaller fern garden than that one though, but it is what I can see from my kitchen window and will look lovely when it is established.

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 1.49.00 pmI was also wondering why the blog was experiencing a spike in hits recently, then I found this link referral on an American website.

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 1.49.16 pm

We’re famous.



2 thoughts on “Spring in the Edwardian House

  1. “that shrub on the right is starting to flower (not sure what it is).” .. a bit hard to tell in the photo, but it looks like Forsythia

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