The Dining Room

Greetings! It is late winter here in the Edwardian house and we are all well.


Over the last year or so, the dining room had gradually been turning into a stock room for my new venture – boxes were piled high and it was getting difficult to even get into the room. I have just had a major clear out and hope to keep the dining room clutter-free from now on. While it was tidy I took a few pictures.


I think this will be the year that we finally get around to fitting window coverings in this room. I quite like plantation shutters but they can be very expensive and might be difficult to fit on the french windows. So perhaps we will get roman blinds instead.



It would also be nice to one get a wood burning stove fitted in the empty fireplace, though I wonder if it might be too hot for people when they are seated at the table?


I guess there is a fair amount of room between diners and the potential fire though.


I will investigate and keep you updated.


In the meantime, Miss Rose says hello!