Welcome to our Edwardian House Renovation! We are Scott and Mark living with our three cats Oliver, Ruby and Rose in the top few rooms of this house while the rest of it is being extended and restored. We are originally from Australia but have lived in the UK for four years. We recently moved from Liverpool to Leicester and decided that moving cities and having Mark start a new job wouldn’t be enough stress so we had to add a house renovation to the mix just to make it that more interesting. I am writing this blog to share our adventure with you but also to keep a record for myself of the house’s transformation.

The house, originally called ‘Mostyn’, was built in 1905. It was designed by the architect William Henry Simpson in the Arts and Crafts English Domestic Revival style. We are fortunate that so many of the house’s original features are still intact – cornices and architraves, terrazzo and quarry tile floors, two staircases, servants quarters, servant bells, leadlight windows, even the original coal store and larder!  There have been no changes to the layout in 110 years. All we need is an original kitchen range and a copper for the scullery and we could rent it out as a film set! However, this also means original lead water pipes, a leaking roof, collapsing ceilings, an Edwardian cistern we need to build over, old electrics and plumbing. We also need a new kitchen and utility, two new bathrooms and a complete refurbishment inside and out – all on a limited budget!

Thanks for joining us.

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  1. Hi Scott & Mark,
    Found your blog whist searching for Edwardian cisterns. We have one in our back garden, right under where we were planning to build an ‘orangerie’ . It’s about the same size & design as yours, (our house was built in 1901, in Stratford on Avon). Interested to find out how you made yours safe for your build. Did you drain it & fill it with concrete, or did you have to have it excavated by a structural engineer & then have to dig much deeper foundations? Did Building Control tell you to build a soak away elsewhere in your garden? How is it all going generally? Many thanks, Carolyn & Mark.

    • Hi Carolyn, thanks for your comment. We only found the cistern a few weeks ago so nothing has been discussed yet. Our architect is keen for us to keep it so we will see what happens. Still in the tender process for builders, so I will post updates as they occur. Cheers.

      • Hi Scott, we have just excavated ours – it’s about 12′ deep x 8 ‘ long x 4’ wide. We pumped it out this week, but unfortunately it is re-filling, can’t tell from where yet, unless it is just the water table which is very high with all this rain. We are having to get a structural engineer in to tell us what we can do, & there is some talk of us having to build a soak away in the garden. Think it’s going to be a costly process for us, will keep you informed. All the best, Carolyn

  2. Hi Scott and Mark;

    You may find my contact unusual but my name is John Pride Beresford Webb, domicile in Victoria, British Columbia Canada. To this end, my great grandfather is W.F.M. Weston-Webb and his autobiography ” The Autobiography of A British Yarn Merchant “, of which I own a copy, explains much of the family.

    My search about his book brought me to your Edwardian House Renovation page and the renovation that you and Mark are undertaking, quite fascinating and all rather exciting to view and read.

    Trusting that the project progresses and provides continuing enjoyment for you.

    Kind regards,


    John B. Webb

    • Hello John. I am finding it impossible to locate a copy of the book – I will have to try the British library next time I am in London. I hope my amateur genealogy got most of the basic details right!

  3. Hello Scott and Mark;

    I obtained the copy of the book that I have from New York via AbeBooks and note that other copies, albeit few, could be available. Not too sure of condition though. I have most of the family tree through the Weston-Webb side which was prepared by my, now deceased, mother.



  4. Hi Scott, I’ve been enjoying your blog for about a year while I’ve been getting ready for my old Edwardian renovation in London. I eagerly anticipate your posts as the transformation of your house is amazing. You’ve inspired me to start my own house blog.

  5. It was exciting to see your update. You’ve done a wonderful job with the house, and it has been fun looking back through the archives. I cannot wait to see your next project. As a side note, my daughter has left her teaching post in Afghanistan after 3+ years. She lives in Peterborough these days. They will head to Italy next.

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