Carpenter Monday

D the carpenter was here today finishing off a few things around the house.

IMG_3592He started by repairing floorboards in Mark’s study.

IMG_3593The floor is now ready for sanding and polishing.

IMG_3590A couple of other boards were replaced too as they had been damaged when the plumbing and heating were done. Top floor landing.


And the loose one in the cupboard.

IMG_3594He then tackled the front door, which was starting to stick at the base. A few millimetres planed off the bottom and it’s fine.

IMG_3595He also planed down the picture rail to remove the bulge caused by the knot, which you can now see clearly on the right. I’m so glad it wasn’t dry rot!

IMG_3597In the utility room he added a piece of timber and some beading to the door frame to finish it off properly.

IMG_3596And finally, in the future pantry he fitted the doors to separate this area from the gas/electricity meters and my “shed” storage space. We reused the original door, cutting it in half and adding new handles.

IMG_3598In the new downstairs toilet I have fitted the accessories – toilet roll holder, towel ring and mirror.

IMG_3599It’s a porthole! It goes well with the fisherman’s lights in the utility room and breakfast room.