Build Day #95

IMG_4209T the painter continued today, mainly working on coating the render and the bay window. Dare I say it – is the house started to gain a little ‘street appeal’?

IMG_4211The scaffolders dismanted the rest of the scaffold. On the far left at the top of the picture you finally get a decent view of the new dormer on the top floor. Must take a better picture tomorrow. The roofers repaired the tiles on the lower rear roof.

IMG_4214Discarded broken tiles.


They didn’t have quite enough reclaimed tiles to repair that broken corner tile so they will be back next week.


Build Day #94

IMG_4195Ruby watches the neighbour’s cat Albus.

IMG_4196Albus watches Ruby.

IMG_4205Most of the scaffold came down today! This means that the lower half of the house can now be painted.

IMG_4201Clear view down the side.

IMG_4203Looking up.

IMG_4200With the scaffold gone you can more easily compare the new UPVC kitchen window with the original timber bathroom window above – quite a good match visually.

IMG_4198The scaffold did quite a lot of damage to the lower rear roof. This will be repaired by the roofers tomorrow.


Build Days #92 and #93

IMG_4192On day #92 the repaired french doors were refitted. They just need a handle and latch now.

IMG_4194More downpipes. This one looks a little bendy as it passes this piece of timber.

IMG_4193The roofer was here replacing the last of the missing roof tiles on the main roof.

IMG_4189We started unpacking!

IMG_4190I also cleaned the fridge.

IMG_4191Things always look worse during the unpacking for a little while.

Today the scaffolders were meant to dismantle the scaffold but they are coming tomorrow instead. This meant that T the painter couldn’t get on with his work, so he will be back tomorrow.



Build Days #43 and #44

Yesterday was fairly quiet. JB and a couple of his labourers arrived but couldn’t complete their job for the day as their circular saw blade had been blunted by the plumber.

IMG_2798As the quarry tiles dried there was some efflorescence of mineral salts, which is perfectly normal, apparently. They will be ‘dry scrubbed’ before they are sealed.

IMG_2810The boiler got its new home today in the airing cupboard. Looking smart. Much better that its old location.

IMG_2811The new hot water tank will go in tomorrow. It’s enormous.

IMG_2812I think these are part of the hot water system too…

IMG_2797I forgot to show you my first painted ceiling! It’s the one in the kitchen. I am very pleased with it – nice coverage.

IMG_2820I have been testing a few more colours for the dining room. I am still eyeing the red but I definitely don’t like the others.

IMG_2819P the painter started to burn off the old paint on the front door.

IMG_2813Historically blue, green and purple seem to be the predominant colours, though it probably would have been varnished originally.

IMG_2783In the understairs cupboard this magazine showed up – it may have been wedged behind the old electricity board. It is a copy of The Listener from June 22nd 1989. At first I though to myself, oh, that’s fairly recent. I then did the calculations and realised 1989 was 25 years ago! But I remember 1989 like it was yesterday! Uh oh. Must be getting old.

IMG_2800As everyone had gone home today by 3pm I decided to have another go on the scaffold. I stepped out through the bedroom window on the first floor. Here you can see the fascias and end-jacks have been stripped and painted black.

IMG_2799Most of the windows have been stripped, sanded, filled and undercoated.

IMG_2801Here is a close-up of the decorative cast iron hopper.

IMG_2803It’s not blocked here but the downpipe is full of debris about halfway down.

I then lost my nerve on the scaffold and went back inside. It’s something about being able to see down through the boards. I’ll go further next time.





Build Day #30

IMG_2555The scaffold has now reached right around the house to the leaky dormer window that is causing the wet rot in the ceiling below. For Debby – you can see our second chimney in this picture also.

IMG_2559The scaffold one level lower, outside Mark’s future study.

IMG_2564At ground level.

IMG_2558The plasterers skimmed the walls in Mark’s future study.

IMG_2560This room will now have the best walls in the house along with the new kitchen and breakfast room.

IMG_2583Down in the breakfast room Oliver decided that he loves freshly set plaster.

IMG_2587He did a whole series of jumps and slides against the wall. Cat claws on fresh plaster sound exactly like fingernails on a blackboard but I think all added to his fun. In fact the cats had a real frolic in the large ground floor area – it’s much clearer today as the builders did a tidy up. Rose started by running and jumping about and then all three of them got into it. In the end I had to go and get the red dot laser and they had great, albeit dusty, fun.

IMG_2573Oliver taking a rest on the plaster board.

IMG_2567The entrance hall seems much bigger now that all the building supplies and the old doors and architraves have been moved out. I have my eye on this carpet now as I think it is time to rip it up and put it in the skip. Then we will finally get a good look at the terrazzo underneath.

IMG_2569Meanwhile, the garden is turning into a mud pit.