Hughie the tree man

051013-6Here’s Hughie the tree man about to tackle the yew tree by the front door. Whilst I love yews trees this one is planted less than a foot from the foundations and had to go.

151013-7As Hughie removed sections of the tree, the side window by the front door was slowly revealed.

051013-5Here is the ‘After’ picture. Much better!

051013-4Next to go was the enormous silver birch. Not only was this tree too close to the house, it had rotten sections in its trunk and branches and grew at an odd angle, posing a real danger to the house and passers by.

051013-2On the top floor Ruby wondered why there was a strange man climbing the tree.

051013-1It took Hughie almost a full day to cut the tree down.


The end result was terrific. We could finally see the house! It made the whole street look a lot better too. We saved some of the logs to burn in our future wood-burner, some went to a neighbour and the rest to various people driving past who stopped to ask if they could take some away.