Post Stage 2 Monday

T the decorator finished up today.

IMG_0808Servant stairs before.

IMG_2925Servant stairs after.



11174888_393534494183021_2776386380673182863_nServant’s bedroom before.

IMG_2937Now known as the guest room.

11193233_393534477516356_267877858110156700_nFireplace before.



IMG_2938You get the idea.

IMG_2934Looking out onto the servant stairs landing.

IMG_2935And the window with the new roman blind installed today.

IMG_2929The new blind for Mark’s study was also fitted.

IMG_2930Does a good job. Also I continued planning for Stage 3! More to follow.

Carpet Samples

IMG_4729 - 2014-11-17 at 18-12-00Just a quick hello as things have slowed here on the decorating front until we have saved some more money. Here is a shot of Ruby, Rose and Oliver helping with carpet samples. You will also see in the background that the first window coverings have been fitted – the lounge now has roman blinds! More to follow.