The Next Chapter



8319867-exterior05Welcome back! You may have been trying to access this blog for the last few months only to find that it was marked ‘Protected’. That’s because we have big news – we have sold the Edwardian House! Mark and I have spent more time living in this house than any other (almost five years) and the time has come for us to move on. These are the professional photographs that were used for the sale. While it was on the market I wanted the house to speak for itself, without prospective buyers seeing it in its unrenovated state in this blog. Even before then I must admit that my blog posting had pretty much ground to a halt – what is there to add to a renovation blog when the renovation is complete?

8319867-exterior04External shots.



8319867-interior14Entrance hall.8319867-interior17Lounge room.8319867-interior168319867-interior20

Entrance hall from another angle!

8319867-interior19Dining room. I failed to blog a year or so ago about the fireplace you can see here. Our neighbours were renovating and decided to replace their fireplace so I bought it from them. It matches the one in our lounge and means that the house now has all original fireplaces!8319867-interior18

OK, maybe going overboard on the entrance hall.

8319867-interior25Kitchen.8319867-interior248319867-interior268319867-interior21Breakfast room.8319867-interior23Utility room.8319867-interior22Downstairs toilet.8319867-interior12Master bedroom.8319867-interior118319867-interior10En suite shower room.8319867-interior09Bedroom two, my study.8319867-interior088319867-interior07Toilet.8319867-interior06Bathroom.8319867-interior05Bedroom three/guest room.8319867-interior13Stairs.8319867-interior01Bedroom four.

8319867-interior03Bedroom five, Mark’s study.8319867-interior04Top floor shower room.8319867-exterior03Back garden.8319867-exterior02

We are not moving until late June, but this will probably be the last post.

So, goodbye! Thanks for following Edwardian House Renovation – your comments and support meant a lot during all the ups and downs.


Oliver sends his love.


As does Ruby.


Rose is waiting for you to send her your love before she reciprocates.

35961451135_10bed3e83a_kAnd the ashes of Orlando and Doris will remain in the fern garden, so part of us remains too – not to mention the time capsule we left in that wall cavity underneath the stained glass window!

Thanks for reading! x

6 thoughts on “The Next Chapter

  1. You have done a stunning job!! Good luck with your next adventure. Hugs to Oliver, Ruby and Rose … hope to see you again soon. Betty

  2. New family must be thrilled to find such a magnificent home with perfect detail. I hope they guard the hedgehog and nurture the fern bed. I feel as though it is all being torn away from me too. Dear Rosie you pearly pink girl, I hope your next playground befits your magnificence as this one has.

  3. Congratulations on doing such a great job and bringing this house back to life. I am so glad that I had the chance to stay there and see your good work in the flesh!

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