The clocks went back last night so sunset is currently at 4:45pm. By Winter Solstice, on December 22nd, it will get dark at 3:54pm. This means we are moving into hibernation mode.

IMG_7751In the lead up to the clocks changing Oliver was not fully convinced it was morning so he stayed in bed a bit longer.

IMG_7848As the days get colder we seem to get dozens of ladybirds coming into the house – they probably don’t survive outside at this time of year. It gets the cats excited though.

Speaking of hibernation, the hedgehog is still eating his food in the back garden so he hasn’t gone to sleep just yet.


Rosie inspecting a new coffee table book about one of her glamour idols.

IMG_7861Recently acquired vintage sideboard for the dining room. The new antique shop at the end of the road is getting a lot of business from me…

I am currently doing lots of little things around the house. For instance, last week I hung 33 pictures on various walls. Yes, I counted.




This week

IMG_4737A slow-ish week so far. I fitted the additional hooks in the coat room today.

20268008909_7469708394_zOn Monday this section of brickwork was repointed.

IMG_4748P, the decorator was here today doing some prep work on the top floor.

IMG_4738Yesterday the paint arrived for that room. It’s the total Farrow and Ball cliche, how I could I not do it?

IMG_4710And here’s a picture of Rosie in her crate. It’s an Aga crate and that’s a cashmere blanket, so she’s not really slumming it despite how it looks.


A bit of organising

IMG_4694I have been doing a bit of organising over the last day or so. This is the walk-in pantry as good as I can get it a) without buying expensive built-in shelves a la Nigella, and b) with the exception of the new sink that still needs to be fitted in the back right hand corner. It looks like a squeeze but that trolley with the steps on it is on wheels to allow access to the sink. To the left are the double doors into the understairs cupboard.

IMG_4695That has also bee re-populated with tools, WD40 etc. as well as cat litter and two giant barrels of cat food.

IMG_4696I have hung the hooks in the coat room.  iODyne’s suggestion of soaking the hooks overnight in water and Fairy liquid to get the old paint off worked a treat – no need at all for harsh paint strippers. I also then polished them up with some Brasso.

IMG_4697I added a couple to the back of the door too. There are extra hooks on order for the two rails on the facing wall.

IMG_4703Ruby having lap time.

I also organised the top floor cupboard but haven’t taken a picture yet – it will all have to come out again when the carpet is fitted but at least there is some order for now!