Build Day #95

IMG_4209T the painter continued today, mainly working on coating the render and the bay window. Dare I say it – is the house started to gain a little ‘street appeal’?

IMG_4211The scaffolders dismanted the rest of the scaffold. On the far left at the top of the picture you finally get a decent view of the new dormer on the top floor. Must take a better picture tomorrow. The roofers repaired the tiles on the lower rear roof.

IMG_4214Discarded broken tiles.


They didn’t have quite enough reclaimed tiles to repair that broken corner tile so they will be back next week.



2 thoughts on “Build Day #95

  1. No – that’s just the undercoat. Gloss black is the way forward here at Edwardian House Renovation. The Victorians always did mock-Tudor as black and white, though the Tudors usually left the timber to grey naturally and the limewash was often tinted – pinkish or yellowish – due to the minerals they used.

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