Cupboard Fastenings


Recently a new visitor to the Edwardian House Renovation (hi Edd!) asked about what the door fastenings for the built-in wardrobes look like. I have taken some photos and will try to explain. This wardrobe has two doors, the ‘first closing door’ (right) and the ‘second closing’ door (left).

IMG_8996Inside the first closing door is this little vertical latch bolt.

IMG_8997When you close the first door the bolt slides up and into a notch that has been cut into the internal shelf. Also at the top of the picture above you can also see a spring catch which was designed to hold a little counterpiece attached to the second door. Ours doesn’t work as the doors don’t close as neatly as they used to, due to the countless layers of old paint preventing the doors from pushing completely closed.

IMG_8999On the second closing door is a simple knob that has a latch attached to the back


Back view.

IMG_9001You push the door closed and turn the knob to catch the latch behind the leaf of the first door. And that’s it.

Hope that helps you Edd – I must say that the modern magnetic latches you say you have on your doors might actually work a bit better than these!



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